Thank you for your interest in Hard Knocks Outdoors. Our goal is to promote the great outdoors through offering a high quality free range hunting experience. We believe in approaching our great sport of hunting in a godly, professional, ethical, honest, and very affordable way to all. It is our desire to make every hunting experience with our clients their very own. A hunt that will build relationships and memories that will last a life time.

Hard Knocks Outdoors welcomes any and all especially the youth. Nothing makes us happier to see the smiles of a parent and child after the success of a long exciting hunt. After all, the youth is the future of our great sport. Our guides make it personnel to insure the clients are happy and content with the effort to harvest the game of choice by ethical means.

All land hunted by Hard knocks Outdoors is privately owned or leased centrally located in the heart of Texas ranging from Ellis to Brown counties all within two in a half hours from Dallas, TX. There is no public land or high pressure to contend with. There are some waterfowl hunts that will take place on public water, however there will not be any places on the public land that is high pressure content.

Hard Knocks Outdoors offers hunts that bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior by the way we treat our clients and respect the great outdoors.

Hard Knocks Outdoors offers guided hunts for the following game, Whitetail, Exotics, Rio Grande Turkey, Waterfowl, Wild Hog, Dove and Varmints.